Wardrobe Consultation. 

We will help you weed out unwanted clothes you never wear and bring to life your unique sense of style.


Is your wardrobe full but you still feel like you have nothing to wear!? Are you tired of buying clothes because you cannot mix and match your current wardrobe? Or do you have a favourite old piece that you may have had laying around and not worn for a while and need help to bring it back to life?

Our Virtual Wardrobe Consultation service is available if you don't have a lot of flexibility and would prefer to have short sessions in between your busy schedule. 

 What does it involve?

Wardrobe consultation involves a discussion of your lifestyle and how your image and clothes need to work for you both practically and reflecting your personality which will help you in terms of achieving your goals. 

During the consultation, we will review the contents of your wardrobe and determine what styles suit you. We will identify what items are missing in order to make all of your wardrobe essentials work for you.


  • Alter existing items by transforming them into a new design with our unique personal tailoring service

  • Organise your wardrobe into different lifestyles

  • Re-organise your wardrobe to meet your work life, social life needs and relaxing around the home

  • Root out items that you no longer wear for recycling

  • Tips on how to plan and maintain a functional wardrobe

  • Re-organise your accessories such as belts, bags & scarves


Check out some tips to get you started... 

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