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Thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to read about me!

I am a designer, a stylist and a tailor who finds fulfilment in equipping anyone who loves looking stylish with the right knowledge to understand and identify their body shape and unique style. This helps the individual to gain confidence in who they are and gives them freedom to communicate that knowledge effortlessly through their clothing choices.

My goal is to empower anyone who is willing to learn practical solutions in looking their best at all times.
I believe there is power in how an individual presents themselves through clothing. It doesn’t matter what your cultural background is, we all pay attention to how we look one way or another! I focus on the person behind the clothing and reflect their core values and personality through the outfit choice and design direction.


Tailoring gives me freedom to experiment and create amazing pieces for each client. Creating custom clothing means you don’t have to second guess if  "This is YOU " each item is made to suit your taste and style. The best part is knowing the garment fits you and it wears better.


I plan every outfit I wear! I love colour and enjoy experimenting with colour. I've become more bold with colour as I age. Colour lifts my mood and I believe it enhances my complexion too it's a great anti ageing remedy....and the best part is that it's free you just have to choose the right one!!!

Darlene x

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